Reprieve for WA Dungeness Crab Fishing Families

I have some good news to report for the families of Washington Coast Dungeness Crab Fishermen—the start of the season has been delayed by four days!

Fishermen, processors, and reps from the WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife met today in Montesano and agreed to postpone the season by four days. Although I don’t know exactly why the season has been delayed, I think it has something to do with the readiness of crab to be caught.

If you have a correction or further information for me, send it on and I will change the post.

In any event, what this means for us at home is that instead of leaving during the middle of Christmas Day celebrations in order to set pots on December 26th, the crab fishermen will be leaving us on December 29th in order to set gear on December 30th.

I know the fishermen themselves are eager to get going on the season, but now, the rest of us can stop dreading the looming Christmas Day departure. Instead, we can relax and actually enjoy the holiday.

George made me promise this would be a short post tonight! So, on this cheerful note–enjoy the reprieve and sigh a big breath of relief.



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