George on the Board?

A couple of months ago, I mentioned to George that he should get on the Board of the Dungeness Crab Fishermen’s Association and help try to resolve some of the issues, political and otherwise, that plague this fishery.

Like all the Schiles, George is politically-inclined, and he is also very smart.  For example:

In order to work as a Mate and Captain on any freezer/longline vessel over 200 tons in the Bering Sea, which George did, one must have a variety of licenses.

George attended Sea School in both St. Petersburg, FL, and Seattle. The training involves–in addition to so much more–Radar and Firefighting certification and Coast Guard testing.  In 1995 he received his 100-ton Master Inspected and 1600-ton Mate Uninspected licenses. In 1999 he received his 1600-ton Master Uninspected and 1600-ton Mate Inspected licenses.   

I’ve always said that if he wasn’t a captain, he would have made a good doctor. George is a deliberate guy who thinks things through, remains calm, and can make decisions under pressure.

I thought being on the Board might be a nice opportunity for him to get involved with the fishery on a different level.

He agreed, but thought next year might be a better time as there is so much going on currently around the homefront. In addition to getting his boat and gear ready for the season and keeping informed on changes in the fishery, he is still working on bathroom remodeling projects around the house, doing all of his tax preparation and planning our basement-expansion project.

“Plus,” said George, who is seven years older than me, “I can guarantee you I am the only 40-year old in the fleet with a newborn and a toddler.”

No further explanation necessary!

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