Happy Thanksgiving

I’m posting this early, because I can see that tomorrow is already getting away from me. In addition, George has declared another Family Day for Thursday, so this is my best opportunity to post a Thanksgiving message.

Unfortunately, George is late getting home from the harbor tonight. A random boat cruised in and tied up in George’s permanent spot at the float while George had the Vis at the Sawtooth dock.  The guy just steamed in, threw off his lines, hooked himself up to the shore power, turned on his TV, flung his galley door wide open…and then left his boat. As a result, George has been waiting half the evening for the harbor to get a hold of the guy somehow and send him on his merry way so that George can get his spot back.  

Both of the babies are in bed now so there is, at least, a quiet evening ahead. We could both use one!

What would a Thanksgiving post be without a brief list of just some the things for which I am thankful?

  • Of course, my angels, Eva and Vincent. Each of them is a miracle and a blessing, and I absolutely mean that. It took a long time and a lot of heartache before we were blessed with these two, and blessed we are. I have so cherished the entire experience with each of them that I would have had four kids if we had been able to get started sooner. However, God knows what He is doing, and I am confident we are right where He wants us to be, with the exact two angels He had in mind for us.
  • Jazzercise! The ladies at Jazzercise—instructors, customers, daycare staff—they have been my great friends and supporters since I met the lot of them. They have shared their stories of being mothers and grandmothers with me, cheered me on when I was a new mother with Eva, when I was pregnant again with Vincent, and at every turn in between. They have literally helped me in the door to the studio and back out again. They are a wonderful group!
  • The Girls,” whom I have known now for 28 years. Our monthly dinners, our laughs, our memories (which stretch from kindergarten, to college, and beyond). There is nothing like seeing a group of girls who have known you for this long and who are still your good and loyal friends. They are the best!
  • My Parents. I can literally see the enormous love that they have for their grandchildren pass over their faces each and every time they see Eva and Vincent. The depth of that love–the love from a grandparent to grandchild–is powerful. I am thankful for their excitement, involvement, and help in all of our lives.
  • George. Of course, the guy who makes it all possible. The guy who manages to muster up excitement over almost every goofy thing I say, do, or try, just so my feelings won’t be hurt, no matter how tired or busy or worried he is. Who would go to the ends of the earth for his family, and who is the best hands-on Daddy there ever could be.


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