Thanks, C.S.!

I was so happy to read C.S.’s comment (see it under the post, “Crunch Time…”) because she summed up exactly why I started this blog in the first place.

It does get so lonely once your fisherman leaves. After the commotion and energy surrounding the departure dissipates, and you are adjusted once more to your “alone” routine, the days can get pretty long and the nights even longer. Day after day, week after week, month after month.

What keeps us going in the interim?

I keep going now because I have the kids to attend to. I get up each morning and head directly to Jazzercise to see my friends, chitchat, and let Eva play. It’s a good social outlet for all of us and if I didn’t have that now, I would go crazy being here all day. 

When it gets dark and quiet at night after the kids are asleep, I start reading books. I figure, since my life has slowed down with George’s departure and isn’t too exciting right now, I may as well read about someone else’s life that is still interesting!

Before we had the kids, when we were dating and newly married, I spent a lot of time pursuing my own interests after he left. I traveled a bit, went to the gym each morning,  took a lot of classes, hosted a writing group once a week (more for social interaction than actual writing, it always turned out). I relished my “George is gone” routine. I was even free to visit him at various ports all the way from Dutch Harbor, AK, to Westport, WA!

I basically had/have two lives: George is Home, and George is Gone. 

Some years, the transition is easy and takes no time at all. Other years, it is tough and takes almost the whole duration of his time at home.

The topic of “transition” is going to make for a really good post next spring–stay tuned!

Thanks again for your comment, C.S., and let us know how things are going!

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