Good News for Commercial Fishing Girls

Am I behind the times?

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to discover that I am.

I just received the latest issue of National Fisherman magazine and was reading through it when I came upon an ad I had not seen before—one for raingear designed specifically for the commercial fishing girl!

They did not have these–(“Women Bib Trousers”)– when my sisters and I were commercial fishing.

The description for the raingear reads as follows:

The Only Commercial Grade Bib Trousers Especially Designed for Women.

Highlights include:

  • Chest high front and special cut for a better fit
  • Double layer on the front, triple inside layer used as pocket for knee pads
  • waist adjustment
  • adjustable suspenders with heavy duty buckles
  • color: orange

If I was still fishing, I would definitely check these out. They are from Guy Cotten and the web address is

My husband happens to have a heavy-duty sweatshirt from Guy Cotten with our boat embroidered on it, and the quality is excellent.


  1. I think it’s great! It was hard to get oilers that fit when I fished. My girlfriend Joanne was the first fisher-woman on the cover of National Fisherman. I think it was in the early 80’s. She owns her own lobster boat now. I was always proud of her for that. 😉

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