Astoria’s Commercial Fisherman Expo and Highliner Competition

Earlier this week, my friend Liz brought Astoria’s Commercial Fisherman Expo and Hotdog Highliners Competition to my attention. Then, while making my rounds of blog-snooping, I went over to NW Limited and found even more information on the event.

The festival will be hosted by the Astoria Sunday Market on September 7, and it’s obvious that plenty of fun is in store for both participants and observers.

Besides the Hotdog Highliners Competition, here are a few additional events that caught my eye: the Dover Sole Relay Race (in which I think my sister, Cassandra, should participate), and the Fork Lift Coin Flip (a good opportunity for my my dad, Jack, or my husband, George, to show off their stuff). 

There are also a series of challenges such as Stacking Crab Pots (again, a good event for George or Dad, not to mention Brett, Bryan, or Kelly), Getting Into a Survival Suit (my sister, Steph, or I could try this one) and Tying a Bowline (a chance for everyone to win!)

In addition to the awesome competitions, the Commercial Fisherman Expo will include demonstrations of crab pot and net mending, maritime entertainment (including a sampling of the Fisher Poets), and various guest vendors offering seafood-related products.

Sponsors of the Commercial Fisherman Expo include, among several others, Bornstein Seafood (go Kyle!), Englund Marine, and the Port of Astoria.

If your schedule permits, make the trip over to commercial-fishing friendly Astoria and support the industry!


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