Hangin’ It Up

I want to thank each of you for your visits to this blog during the past week. It was fun monitoring the viewing statistics, and I appreciate the comments left here and the ones sent to me via e-mail.

On February 13 (my sister Cassandra’s birthday–I won’t mention her age), a new viewing record was set for Highliners and Homecomings. But then, on February 18th, that record was broken.

I am grateful.

To be honest, it’s been hard deciding how to follow it up. When you sum up one of your life’s greatest tragedies in roughly 1000 words, it’s hard to know where to go from there.

The sun shined bright today. I felt younger and freer this afternoon than I have since….uh…2002? I went to the gym, got the car washed, sang along with Tim McGraw when “Where the Green Grass Grows” played on the radio, and just enjoyed the moment. I felt like I was 21 again. Of course, I’m not 21. I’m not 25. I’m not even 30. Heck, my younger sister isn’t even 30. Where does the time go?

George was home for a couple of days this week, but left yesterday to return to Westport and the boat. While he was home we intended to get a lot of projects done: make a Goodwill delivery, create a room for 6-month-old Vincent, buy new filing cabinets, make a Costco run.

We didn’t get even a quarter of it done. While I had the Lists-and-Nagging Department completely covered, we came up a little short in the Energy Department. George was sick, as well as tired and worn out. I can’t blame him.

The good news is that there’s light at the end of the Dungeness Crab Season Tunnel: George has given me the go-ahead to start making our spring break plans.

He’s had a great season. The crew is well, the boat is well, and it’s just a good time to hang it up. Of course, we don’t know exactly when they’ll haul their last pot, but we know it will be soon.

Although the Dungeness crab season can continue for several more months, the skipper generally knows when it’s time for his part in it to end.

Even if he’s had a good run thus far, things can quickly change. The price of crab can come down while the cost of fuel goes up. He can lose gear or have crab stolen right out of the pot by renegade boats that move unseen during the night. Suddenly, instead of going out on a high note, he loses his edge and ends up going backwards or sideways on it all, which he does not want to do.

In an unrelated note, my car was broken into this week. We live in a nice neighborhood, but I guess when (ahem, George) you leave the car unlocked, things are bound to happen. I lost my gym MP3 player and sports headphones, as well as cash from a not-so-secret compartment. Apparently, the thieves were not country fans: I was relieved to find Toby Keith and Josh Turner still tucked safely away inside my cd case. And, fortunately for Eva, Raffi is still secure inside her Bumble Bee case.

Never a dull moment, right?


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