Commercial Fisherman in Commercial?

A couple of months ago, I glanced at our television and spotted a commercial I knew I would have to write about here at Highliners and Homecomings. I hoped I would see the commercial again, but I have not, so I have to go now from memory.

The commercial was for a somewhat-local casino. It featured–of all things–a commercial fisherman. It may have been just an actor portraying a commercial fisherman, but I don’t know.

Now, I don’t want to name the casino and provide free hits and advertising, but I will do my best to describe the commercial the way I believe I saw it that one time.

It began with a shot of a commercial fisherman in his late 20s or early 30s  climbing off a big commercial fishing boat (docked at Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle?) and walking down the dock with a line of buoys across his shoulders. He’s got his workin’ clothes and boots on, and appears focused on his task of hauling that line of buoys wherever they were going.

The next scene shows our fisherman all cleaned up, freshly shaved and wearing jeans and a collared shirt, sitting and smiling at a gambling table as he throws dice.

Next scene–our fisherman is on the dance floor, getting his groove on.

I believe the final scene shows him flopped on top of a hotel bed, about to get lucky, but as I said…I don’t remember the commercial in detail and can’t be sure I’ve described it accurately.

The point is that– although I don’t gamble– I’ve got to hand it to this particular casino for featuring a commercial fisherman as the subject of their commercial. Because in my book, and from my experience, there is nothing cuter—and dare I say it, sexier?–than a commercial fisherman all cleaned up for a date or a night out on the town.

If any of you have seen this commercial, let me know!


  1. Haven’t seen it, but you can ask Brett…I DO have a “thing” for him in his big orange rubber overalls! =)

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