Happy Mother’s Day

I want to give my best wishes for a peaceful Mother’s Day to all the mothers who try their best each day to be the best moms they can be. A special shout-out to the mothers married to commercial fishermen, traveling salesmen, doctors, military men, truck drivers, or any other husband who is away from home as much as he is around.

I commend us all for our efforts in trying to write, quilt, scrapbook, exercise, take classes, or accomplish whatever it is we are trying to accomplish while also caring for our children without relying on babysitters or having the luxury of husbands around to “co-parent.” Last, but definitely not least, a very special shout-out to the truly single mothers who have all the weight of the world resting on their shoulders.

Late last Friday afternoon, the last of the construction workers was leaving our house for the weekend. “Happy Mother’s Day,” he shouted to me as he prepared to get in his truck and drive away.  “It’s your day! George will call, I’ll bet.  He probably calls all the time, right?”

I paused from my task loading Eva and Vincent into the stroller for an afternoon walk and looked up with a chuckle. (My answer to the inquiry was “not likely,” and “no.”)

So here’s the bet–will George call tomorrow,  on Mother’s Day? I’m going to bet no, but certainly not because George doesn’t care or is ignoring the day. I’m guessing “no” because I have a feeling that, being out at sea in the middle of Alaska with his focus on landing some fish (to pay for this construction), that George will not even realize it’s Sunday, much less Mother’s Day.

It’s a fun bet–any takers?

I’ll let you know by the end of tomorrow night who the winner is.



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