Alaska or Bust: Longline Season Departure Pictures


Clockwise: Bryan (standing), Brett, George, Kelly














  1. I know how empty and disjointed this feels…and yet, I am also envious as this year, my husband was dropped from his spot on the Kodiak Isle, with no warning and no real remorse from the captain. It’s been 9 years, so he expected it to be there.
    This is a tough life to live, especially living right on the edge of financial doom, month to month.
    I just hope something comes up before we have to live on borrowed $$ because that takes years to get out from under.
    Love reading your blog, seems I haven’t had time to do much reading, lately.
    Hubby’s crab job just ended suddenly, so there will be some scrambling.
    Good luck to your men, do they have much trouble with whales for the black cod? Seems that was always the worst thing about black cod…the clever thieves.

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