Post-Dungeness Crab Season Pics–Welcome Home!


Note: If you’re looking for more dungeness crab season pictures, check out the archives for February, where there are a few more.

Here are a few pictures of the Captain, Crew, and Boat upon their arrival home today.

Bryan and Brett are the Oregon Ducks fans—Brett waited until George left the boat one day in Westport before attaching and flying the Oregon flag in the rigging.

One (of two) Oregon Ducks Fan on Board

Stacked Crab Pots on Land

Busy on Deck

Captain and Crew

The Famous Flatbed Truck and Trailer


  1. we had a great time at dinner last night. so glad the season was a success. we had a lot of laughs listening to the boys stories of the season!

  2. We have gotten NO dungeness crab this year here in my
    town. Well, they had them, but no advertised sales. It has
    been terrible. We love dungeness and can’t go back to king
    or snow.

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