A Captain Wears Many Hats

George expressed mock concern recently that my blog posts don’t always make life at our house sound very fun. Of course, I didn’t agree. And anyway, heck, who wants to read about a perfect life? Not me. Boring! I like to write–and read–about real life. 

Because this is a blog that celebrates the commercial fishing life–the good, the not-so-good, the funny, the not-funny, the seasons, the breaks–I can include many things, because they all count.

We’re back from vacation, and it was a good and relaxing time. (See? I include the fun!) In fact, some of you may have seen us. Country Jack’s, anyone?

George wears a lot of hats. He wears the Captain Hat, the Husband-and-Father Hat, the Tax Hat, the Mr. Fix-it Hat, and the Budget Hat. He also wears the Investment Hat, the Fishing Hat, the Home-Improvement Hat, and the Keep-it-All-Together Hat.

“What exactly do you do?” someone asked me once, before I had kids.

“I clean,” I said. “Work out. Pay bills. Generally, keep the home fires burning.”

“Oh, yeah,” my sister’s (ex) boyfriend said with a hearty chuckle, “I’m sure! Keep the home fires burning. With your feet up, reading a book, no doubt!”

Anyway, George found his Fun Hat while on our vacation, and, casting off all other hats, put it on. It looked great, gave us a good many laughs, and we had a pleasant week off from real life. Next time, we’re making it two weeks. George even bought a kite and I snapped a picture of him flying it on the beach.

Unfortunately, though, our post-vacation glow came to an unexpected end this afternoon.

While we were on the trip, George called to our dogs to jump into the truck–just like always. Our 4-year-old pitbull, Toby, was overly excited and jumped–prematurely–right into the tailgate of the truck.

It was a hard hit, but Toby seemed okay.

Yesterday, a friend remarked that Toby’s left eye seemed odd. We thought it was a black eye from hitting the truck. We took him to the vet today, and received surprising and bad news;  Toby has a tumor. Was hitting the truck a fluke that brought the tumor to the surface? We don’t know. The vet said his eye must be removed next week. Results from x-rays and blood tests will be available tomorrow to see if there are more tumors or if they are cancerous. 

We’ve had Toby, a purebred pitbull, since he was six-week old puppy. He was one of our foster dogs, when we fostered dogs through the local Shelter. He was so sweet that we adopted him ourselves. He’s the strongest, bravest, most patient dog you’ll ever meet. He is wonderful with his doggie sister, Mandy, as well as our Eva and Vincent.

We’ll know tomorrow what his prognosis is.

Flying a Kite Here is a picture of George from our trip. He’s flying a kite. Is there a guy more carefree than the one flying a kite on the beach?


  1. George and Jen, I was digging through a pile of stuff on my desk and ran across the Christmas letter that we (Alicia and I) received from you. How are you and where are you? I here you are in the area but that’s about it. Drop me an email or call me. It would be great to see you both.


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