Happy Birthday, Blog!

The month of November marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of Highliners and Homecomings.

Maintaining this blog for the past year has been a lot of fun. I never expected it to grow the way it did, especially when I think about its humble beginning, which consisted of sending an e-mail announcement to about twenty people alerting them to the blog’s creation. I so appreciate the recipients of that e-mail for sticking with me, and I’m grateful as well to the blog’s new readers and to everyone who’s passed along the link.

To mark the blog’s first birthday, I set a goal for the blog that involved reaching a particular number of total hits for the year by November. I’m happy to report that not only did Highliners and Homecomings meet that total number, it exceeded it by over 1000 hits!

Thank you, everyone!

The past twelve months have included much excitement, a few surprises, some laughs, and a little stress.

I remember just trying to come up with a name for the blog. As my family and I came up with ideas, we had several conversations that went like this:

“How about Jen’s Jellyfish Journals?” 

“Not bad, but it’s not really a journal. ” 

Bunks, Buoys, and Babies is good.”

“It’s good, but it sounds like a blog about living on a sailboat.”

Dock Talk?”

“Doesn’t National Fisherman already use that one?”

“How about The Wheel Watch?”

“I think there’s an entire commercial fishing newspaper by that name already.”

Finally, we came up with Highliners and Homecomings. I knew that people outside the industry wouldn’t likely understand the name, but I got around it by adding an extra page (“Why the Title?”) to the blog.

I started Highliners and Homecomings during last fall’s Writer’s Strike. I’d been wanting to get back to my writing, George was gone crabbing, and my favorite shows weren’t on TV, so each evening was free to devote to the new blog.

Of course, by the time George started coming home from the Coast on bad weather days and the Writer’s Strike was over, I was already hooked on all things blog-related and could barely be torn away.

One night, having finished writing a new post from my seat on the couch, I folded down the cover of my laptop. I looked over at a usually-patient but growing-increasingly-annoyed George to be sure he was watching. “Good night, Blog,” I said and gave the laptop a gentle pat.

“I’m going to beat up your blog after you go to bed,” George said from his chair as we shared a great laugh.

There have been many highlights this past year. To name a few…

…The way blog hits went up an astounding 248% the day after the Presidential election…when the link made its way over to a Deadliest Catch show thread last winter…when The Writer Mama mentioned my blog, posted the link, and the blog had one of its biggest days ever…when Highliners and Homecomings seemed a bit lonely, so I created its younger (and much different) sibling, The JazzerBlog….the excitement in watching the blog’s pace pick up each time I post pictures of fishing or the crew…the fun of meeting so many new bloggy friends and reading comments…

It has been a fun, exciting, and memorable year for Highliners and Homecomings. Thank you all for your support, comments, e-mails, and continued views of the blog. Here’s to another good bloggy year and to each one of you!



  1. Congrats Jen! Since I just started my new blog, we’ll have the same birthday. Hopefully a year from now we’ll both have met new goals for our sites.

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