Happy Birthday, Leos!

August is a busy month of celebrations and birthdays in my family.

After Vincent’s (1st) birthday on July 31, we transition into George’s birthday on August 3. Ten days later, on August 13th, we have my birthday (today). Both of our dogs were also born in August: this year, Mandy turns six, and Toby turns five.

With the exception of our December baby, Eva, we are a household full of Leos.

In addition, sandwiched in between the birthdays of George and Vincent, we have the (ninth) wedding anniversary of my sister, Steph, and her husband, Ryan.

I’ve been reflecting a bit lately on the subject of “age,” most likely due to the arrival of my birthday. I’m not the only one who seems to be pondering the subject, however. I spent a busy weekend enjoying dinners out and attending both a wedding and a birthday party. At each place I went, people were discussing the subject.

Of the people I know in the 30-45 age group, they seem to be falling into two categories:

  • The people who are adamant they’re in their prime and at their peak, and who passionately feel (as well as announce) that this is their moment! Furthermore, they’ve got at least a good fifteen years ahead of them to really make it happen, if they haven’t done so already.
  • The people who feel a bit on the old side. A little more tired than usual, a little less fit, a little less energetic about the future. Who wonder (rather than confidently announce) whether they will be able to fit in what they haven’t yet done or wish to do. Who may, perhaps, even feel that their best years are behind them.

I had occasion in the past month to ponder the following:

Write down three things you didn’t do because you were afraid. What could have changed in your life if you had done them?

I’ve thought at length about the subject and can honestly only come up with a couple of things I didn’t do (or should have done), in spite of the fact that I took an unnecessarily complicated path to where I now happily find myself.

Earlier this summer, I sat at my dining room table talking with my sister, Steph. During the course of our discussion, I stated that each choice one made in his or her past led one to where she finds herself now. Therefore, if one is happy where she is now, there isn’t much call for regret, regardless of the quality of those choices.

“Plus,” I said, “I read something recently which made the point that going back and changing things wouldn’t necessarily guarantee a different outcome, anyway.”

“I don’t believe anyone who feels that way,” she said in response to the theory.

Here’s to all the Leos I know, including the ones in my household, the gals in my writing group, and my friend, Apryl.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday! And thanks for the coasters!=) They’re funny and coming in quite handy. Interesting theory in your blog. I think I believe in the whole “destiny” thing. If you didn’t get to where you are the way you did, you probably would end up there anyhow, just taken a different route. But who knows…maybe that’s just something we tell ourselves so that we have no regrets, cause who wants to regret things!? You only live once and what a waste it would be if you had regrets.

  2. Thanks, Danielle!

    I appreciate it. You and my MSN homepage were the first to wish me a happy birthday! :-)

    I’m with you on destiny, too. I think we all end up where we’re meant to be regardless of the route we take to get there.

    It’s a fun subject to ponder every few years!

  3. p.s. I’m a Virgo…by a day. But I do believe I am a Leo/Virgo…you know, on the cusp or whatever they call it. So I sometimes consider myself both :)

  4. Thanks, Cass…wow, a Leopalooza? That’s a good one!

    Apryl, thanks! And I did wonder whether you were actually a Leo. I had a feeling you were on the border!

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you got out to enjoy this perfect weather. I went for a jog during lunch and I totally REGRET that decision as I was sweaty and sticky for the rest of day! again, not a good choice :)

  6. Danielle, your response is full of wisdom. It is such a question to ponder of where should we be at any stage of our lives. I do agree, right where we are with no regrets.

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