For Today, a Happy Toby

I can’t believe how well Toby is recovering from the surgery to remove his eye. If the eye problem was the only thing he had to deal with, I’d be relieved and excited about the outlook for his future. He almost seems like his normal self: barreling over Mandy to get to the front door first, lolling on his back on his couch, looking for treats and eating up all his food.

Except for the always-present knowledge of his cancer and a couple of nosebleeds this weekend that sent him to the vet for a new blood count (fortunately, the count had not changed from last week–our first bit of good news since this all began), he’s seemed very well.

He even got to go to a doggie slumber party this weekend at Auntie Steph and Uncle Ryan’s house and visit with his doggie cousins Kody, Kalia, and Roxy.

Auntie Steph snapped a picture of Toby and I may be mistaken, but the dog in this picture doesn’t appear to be suffering too much! 

We can only hope.

Toby is out of town with George and Grandpa Jack now at the Cancer Clinic, and I hope to have an update on his health and all other matters soon.

Happy Toby


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