Thanks, Writer Mamas!

My weekend couldn’t be getting off to a better start.

I found out last night that my name was drawn over at The Writer Mama blog, making me the winner of Day Ten’s prize during the month-long daily giveaway!

When I went over to The Writer Mama blog to check out the comments for Day Eleven’s question, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my name listed as the winner for Day Ten! I was even more surprised when I kept reading and discovered that The Writer Mama encouraged her readers to hop on over here to lend courage to my decision to take the plunge and write a bit about things (Palin, politics) that not everyone agrees with.

Well, I can’t believe how many “hits” have come in. That Writer Mama has some real star power. A couple of the gals have left comments, which I appreciate so much.

If any of you haven’t gone over to The Writer Mama and made a comment to make yourself eligible for writing and book-related prizes, get over there and start playing. There are still about 20 days left to go!

Thanks to Christina and to all of the writer mamas who have come to visit. My weekend is off to a great start and it’s been a lot of unexpected fun.

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