Update Following Toby’s Appointment

I’m not sure what to make of Toby’s visit to the Animal Cancer Clinic on Tuesday.

His blood count is in the normal range, and an ultrasound did not show any tumors in his liver, kidneys, lungs, or any other organ.

The vets still diagnosed him with stage five cancer and believe it is somewhere in his nervous system. They maintain that it would be exceedingly rare for his type of cancer (lymphosarcoma) to appear in his eye first. They think it came from somewhere else in his body, but they don’t know exactly where.

The scary answer is that the cancer is in his brain or nasal cavity, which could account for his three nosebleeds last week. Fortunately, he hasn’t had any bleeding since Friday evening.

After his appointment, Toby went with George and Grandpa to the beach and did some sprints. Yesterday, he charged ahead of Mandy on their walk. His eye is healing beautifully.

My sister, Stephanie, suggested a radical idea: What if Toby doesn’t have cancer anymore? Is there room for that kind of miracle? Maybe the cancer did show up in his eye first, was only in his eye, and with the removal of his eye and the tumor, away went the cancer.

Nobody but us thinks that is any sort of a possiblity (the vet quoted about a 10% chance of that being the case), but people don’t know everything!

George is currently making calls to various clinics, and we are working on a treatment plan for Toby.


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