Visits with In-laws and Gettin’ with the Times

The last two weeks have been busier than ever at our house. They began with a visit from George’s mother, who flew across the country to spend a week with us. We were thrilled to have her and agreed the visit was not nearly long enough. She was overjoyed to finally meet her grandson, as well as reunite with her very excited granddaughter.

My dad advised me to take full advantage of Judy’s visit and all of the help and babysitting that came with it, which I certainly did! Also during the middle of Judy’s visit, George’s sister Terri stayed with us for a few days. Terri is moving from Anchorage to Los Angeles, and we had fun (and more help with the kids!) with her before she took off on her adventure.

I don’t even know where the last three days have gone.

You’d expect that I have been busy catching up on laundry, grocery shopping, learning new Jazzercise routines, cleaning kitchen counters, vacuuming dog hair, packing away the last of my summer clothes, cooking, or working with Eva and Vincent on shapes, colors, and stacking games.

Any other week, you’d have been correct. This week, however, I was busy—running to the computer every free moment to check my new Facebook page!

I know, I can’t believe it. George and I have always been opposed to social Internet networking for some obscure reason that I can no longer remember. Although my sisters have been on social Internet networks since such networks were invented, none of my own friends really were.

One evening, however, while sitting at the dining room table with some of those friends during our regularly-scheduled girls’ dinner, I began to realize I wasn’t keeping up with the conversation. I didn’t understand a thing my friends were talking about!

Flair? Stickers? Oh, someone posted new pictures? Hmm. You heard from whom? She got married—again? A network friend, you say? What? A friend of a friend? He looks really good? She wrote what? I wouldn’t recognize her? She has straight hair now? How many kids? He does what for a living?

I knew that Apryl (the most “current” among us) was on Facebook. But, now Carley was confessing that she had an account as well! 

“I don’t do much with it,” she said.

Kim said she hardly checked her own page, either—a point quickly disputed by Carley.

“I just saw you on there yesterday!” she said, as Heidi P. nodded in agreement.

I looked across the table at Heidi K., my last hope. But wait–why did she look a little guilty?

“You’re on there, too?” I asked. She nodded quietly. 

“So,” I said. “You’re all on there?”

More silent nods.

Before our evening came to an end, I took a group picture of the girls around the dining room table to place within the pages of my leather-bound photo album.

“Just e-mail the picture to me,” Kim said. “I’m going to post it on Facebook!”

Well. I thought for the next few days about joining my friends (and apparently, 239 of their friends) on Facebook. I decided against it, because it was something George and I always agreed we weren’t “into.” Plus, I already had two blogs. If someone wanted to find me, all they had to do was google my name, and they’d get to me.

All of this occurred before I got to the very last page of an assignment for a class I’m currently taking. That assignment advised signing up for an account on Facebook. I felt nervous when I considered the possibility and lost a little sleep over it, but in the end, I went for it.

“I’m sure that won’t take away from your writing time,” said George.  “Just don’t put the kids or me on there!”

So, okay. My Jazzercise routine file hasn’t been updated, and the floors have yet to be vacuumed. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with running to my computer to see who’s asked me to be his or her “friend,” read what so-and-so is doing, and looking at pictures of what her kids look like and what his wife looks like.

It’s like a high school or college reunion that knows no end. My mom and I agreed that it was probably fine to let this occupy my spare time for a few days. After all–it’s new, and it’s fun. After tomorrow, though, I have to get back to work. At least by Sunday. Monday at the latest.

(And by the way, I did upload a picture of George into my Facebook photo album. Ssshh!)


  1. Oh Jen! That picture of us girls at your house for dinner, talking about Facebook, has me laughing so hard right now.
    Don’t get your hopes up though –I am still hooked. My house could use a good dusting and organizing – and I have Facebook to blame for that. On the bright side: It adds a little spice to my life!

  2. I’ve had so much fun catching up with people on the site and it’s good to see you doing the same thing- it’s harmless fun :O)

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