A Second Blog is Born

Warning: This post will be of interest to less than 2% of the readers of Highliners and Homecomings and actually has nothing to do with commercial fishing, if you can believe it.

Most of you know that one of my favorite things to talk about is Jazzercise. It’s something that my long-suffering husband, George, must live with day-in and day-out. There’s always something to chatter about on the topic–fellow instructors and students, new sets, new songs, learning routines, new gear.

I decided it was time to give George a rest from having to listen to it all the time, good sport though he is. It’s in that spirit that I’m pleased to announce the launch of The JazzerBlog.

Now, my Jazzercise chatter can be released out into the world and caught by more interested parties–other Jazzercisers!

I have to admit that launching a new blog did feel a bit strange. Lots of thoughts ran through my mind as I considered a second blog and went about creating it:

How will I find the time for a new one when I’m so busy with the first? Will I love it the same? Will the first one feel left out or neglected, or even jealous? Is this really such a good idea? Maybe I should wait until the first blog is older, after we’ve had more time together, just the two of us.

“It will be okay,” I decided. The second blog will just be very different from the first. Its tone, content, and style will be unique and it will have its own personality. Each one will be special in its own way, and I won’t compare them.

Like Highliners and Homecomings, The JazzerBlog was itching to be born, and now it has.


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