Celebrating Summer with Joy and Gratitude

The Writer Mama has a post up on her blog in which she celebrates the start of summer by sharing a list of things currently bringing her joy. It’s such a nice idea that I decided to celebrate the new season by sharing my own list.

  • Writing Mentors.    I am happy that I can learn from writers more experienced than me, who can point me in new directions and open my eyes to things I would never have thought about.  I can accomplish so much more by being open to the guidance of those who have already been there.
  • Jazzercise Mentors.  I am grateful that I have found a new home in which to teach Jazzercise. My new teaching environment is healthy, encouraging, and positive. I also welcome advice from seasoned Jazzercise instructors and am glad I have a willingness to learn from them.
  • Toby’s Health.  We were shocked last March when, after having his eye and tumor removed, our regal pitbull, Toby, was diagnosed with lymphoma. The cancer clinic, eye surgeons, and traditional vet told us he would have about 30 days to live. We weren’t sure he’d survive to welcome George home from Alaska following the halibut and blackcod season. Well, I’m happy to announce that Toby, thanks to diet and holistic vet treatments, is not only still alive, he has gained six pounds and is thriving.
  • Extended Family.  I am grateful to my parents, sisters, and their partners for help and laughter. They are always willing to pitch in when I need a break, ready with something funny to say when I need a laugh, and bursting with news when I’m looking for “information.”
  •  Lisa.  One of the smartest, quickest, sharpest people I know. She walks our dogs, gives us all the direction and information we need to to ensure Toby’s health, and is a constant source of encouragement and humor.
  • My Little Family. George, Eva, Vincent, Mandy, and Toby. May we appreciate who we are, look forward to where we’re going, and pray that time does not pass too quickly.



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