Gearin’ Up for Gear Work

I’ve been bracing myself for Monday, which is when the crew arrives to begin the first official day of gear work for the Coast Dungeness crab season. George hopes to have the gear work completed in three to four weeks, and by that time, to have a firmer idea of when the season will actually start. The season is normally schedule to begin in December, but as we all know, it rarely works out that way due to all the pre-season delays.

George, who is already an extremely helpful and handy guy, always gets a little more helpful and a little more handy around the house just before he starts in on the next fishing season.

Just a couple of days ago, I came home from Jazzercise and noticed that Eva’s new coat rack, which had been lying around for at least two weeks, was now up on her wall with three coats already hanging from it. I saw that her changing table had been moved out of her room and relocated to its new spot in Vincent’s room. (That’s right—we are down to just ONE changing table in our house!) Further, the new bookcase was now against the wall where the changing table had  been.

Moving into the kitchen, I saw that the dishes had been unloaded and the kitchen sink had been scrubbed with bleach. In the garage, Goodwill bags and boxes were compiled in preparation to be loaded into the flatbed for drop-off, and the garbage and recycling was on the sidewalk for pick-up. George even called back the Shade Maid and marked on the calendar the day they’d arrive to fix the shade in Vincent’s room.

“Wow,” I always say to George when he goes into this mode. “You’re really getting to it around here.”

George replies the way he always does; that it’s because he knows he is getting ready to be unavailable around here, eventually gone all together, and when that happens I will have my hands full. The household responsibilities will again be mine, and he won’t be able to offer much in the way of relief, including the most helpful of all—bits of conversation and laughter.

Because George opted out of a summer fishery this year, he was home two months longer than usual, and I was spoiled by the extra assistance with the kids and the house.

All that’s coming to an end Monday morning, though. George will be gearing up for the season, and as a result, so will I.

Deep breath, everyone. We can do it!

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