Happy First Birthday, Vincent. And—Thanks!

I’m starting to think that coming home from vacation is not a good idea for our family. On the day we plan to leave the beach, what we should actually do is stay an extra three days and then come home.

Shortly after we returned from our last vacation, we were devastated to learn that (following emergency surgery to have his eye removed) our good dog, Toby, had cancer.

Except for being especially exhausted (that’s vacation with a 1-and 2-year old, right?) I thought we were bouncing back nicely from our recent trip. That is, until Monday night. 

At 9:00 p.m. on Monday, George and I were talking. No biggie. Vincent, three days from his first birthday, was on the floor, playing with the telephone.  The way he always does. No biggie. No biggie, that is, until I heard “Hello? Hello?” on the other line. I jumped up and reached down to calmly take the phone from Vincent. I brought the phone to my ear, listened briefly, and….hung it up.

I had a feeling just who he’d “called.”

Sure enough, two minutes later, the phone rings. 

“Hello?” I ask, as innocently as I can.

“Did someone call 9-1-1-?” the operator asks.

“Yes,” I said. “I think my one-year-old may have accidentally dialed the number.”

“Is there anyone else in the house with you?” 

“Yes,” I answer, agreeably. “My husband, George.”

“Can I speak with him?”

“Yes,” I say, and toss the phone to George as quickly as I can. Hey, if I’m going down, he’s going down right with me.

I sit on the couch and listen.

“Yes,” he says. “Yes. Fine. Just talking. My one-year-old, Vincent. Yes. Mmm hmmm. Bye bye.”

He hangs up the phone and we sit for a second.

“You know they’re on their way, right?” I finally ask.

“Probably so,” says George.

We wait. Embarassed. Horrified! It is only 9:30 and still light out. Our neighbors will see! I hope it isn’t one of few officers I know on the force.

Within five minutes, he pulls up. A uniformed officer in an actual squad car, parked across the street, walking across to our home, up the front stairs, ringing the doorbell. I hold Eva in my left arm, Vincent in my right. George answers the door, and we all stand together in the doorway.

Officer Kolby peers inside and wants to know if everything is okay. Is anyone being hit, or hurt? When they receive a call like that, they have to check it out, you see.

“Yes, yes,” we agree, nodding our heads. “Absolutely. Yes. We understand.”

Officer Kolby writes down our names and birth dates before making his departure.

Happy First Birthday, Vincent! And….thanks!!




  1. O.M.G.!! CRAZY! Guess Vincent won’t get to play with the real phone for awhile huh!? :)
    Happy Birthday Vincent!! There’s a story to put in the baby book :) ha!!
    Love, Apryl

  2. Ahhh…that’s a boy for ya! Little stinkers! :)
    That is an awesome story for the baby book for sure!
    I cannot believe he is ONE already! Happy Birthday you little cutie!!

  3. Vincent’s birthday was such fun! a great way to celebrate the middle of summer. I wonder what other tricks are up his sleeve.

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