Holding Ground in a Non-Event

I thought I’d better take a couple of days to mull over the recent VP debate between Palin and Biden before writing about it. My hopes for the event–the entertainment factor, at least–were high. In the end,  I felt underwhelmed by it all.

To me, the most stirring moments of the debate did not have a thing to do with energy, finance, or defense. Instead, they came when Biden spoke of the deaths of his beautiful wife and daughter long ago and how he wondered then what the future held for his sons and himself. Following the debate, I was moved again at the sight of Palin’s beautiful baby boy. I tell you, I’d watch all of Palin’s appearances if at each conclusion I got to see that little angel.

Hey, I’m a mom of very small children (one and two)–I don’t offer any apologies or excuses!

Anyway, back to the debate. Like my dad, I spent the first fifteen minutes cringing and crossing my fingers that we wouldn’t all be humiliated. I was rooting for Palin, if only because she is the underdog and has ties close to my heart. Still, I didn’t know what to expect.

I wasn’t disappointed. I thought she did fine. I’d like to see anyone go up against a multi-decade Senate member of Biden’s standing and see how well he or she did. My one hope was that Palin would hold her ground, and I thought she did.

I spoke with my husband following the debate and we agreed that the more interesting debate would indeed have been between McCain/Biden and Palin/Obama. In the end, the Biden and Palin debate was just not that interesting.

It wasn’t that interesting in part because although the intelligence and passion were there on both sides, the professional and personal experiences weren’t equal. It would have been, as I said to George, like me going up against my dad or George’s former fishing partners–all of whom are decades older than me, successful, smart, and have a lifetime of professional and personal experience behind them–and try and debate commercial fisheries, commercial fishing politics, finances and boat building.


I could touch on some of the topics just long enough to keep it interesting (perhaps), but I’d have next to nothing on their experience or firsthand knowledge of most issues, and the debate would not be a true match.

The most I could hope for in such a hypothetical debate would be to hold some ground. I believe Palin held her ground–and perhaps a bit more–in the VP debate Thursday night.


  1. Janine,

    The new Mommy Writes blog is gorgeous! I’m going over again today to check it out some more.

    We missed you!

    A very big, sincere, happy congratulations to you on the birth of your precious baby girl and all of your blog/writing success these past few months.

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