Is it August…or November?

Well, I’d never believe it was August 24 if I didn’t have my Mom’s Plan It engagement calendar right here next to me for proof. I spoke with my own mother via telephone today and we agreed that today’s weather–along with that of most the summer–has been rather pitiful.

To be perfectly clear: It feels like fall!

The rain never quit today. The sky’s gray without the barest hint of light, and there’s even a little wind. To top it off, I seem to have caught the rather fall-like virus that a good percentage of people I know have been getting. Hello cough, sore throat, and earache.

Seriously! It’s still August. Not November!

We had a dinner party here Saturday night.  Our honored guests were Brett, Danielle, and their sweet baby, Mila. Even the party was somewhat fall-like, as the arrival of our guests almost had me thinking we were already up against the start of the Dungeness crab season.

I half expect that upon waking tomorrow, George will head immediately down to the harbor and start painting crab buoys with Brett!

The calendar says we have at least two months before all of that starts…but at this point, I’m not entirely sure.

I’m posting a few pictures of our evening. Danielle is the most trim and beautiful new mother I’ve seen–almost serene. She does not appear to be the new mother of a four-month old. I felt like I was the postpartum mother, and Vincent just turned one!

In any event, we had a perfect evening and shared many laughs. Even my sister and brother-in-law came by for dinner and ended up tucking my daughter, Eva, into her toddler bed.

Dinner 1

Steph, Danielle, Brett, and George. (A copper Dungeness crab sculpture on the wall, of course!)

Dinner 2 

Mila 1

The second and sixth generations of commercial fishermen?


  1. this weather is the absolute pits. i didnt even open the curtains or leave the house once yesterday. i was too disgusted.

  2. How ironic is this–when I saw Brett today, the first thing he said was that yesterday he’d looked forward to a nice boat ride in the sunshine…but that the weather was awful and “felt like November,” and he thought he was already in Westport!

    Danielle, thanks for letting me post the pic of Mila! I couldn’t resist. She was so cute in that swing!

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