Note on Comments Regarding Sarah Palin & Commercial Fishing

The past month’s discussion regarding Alaska Governor (and current Republican V.P. candidate) Sarah Palin has made for a very interesting blog experience here at Highliners and Homecomings.

I’ve just published a comment from an Alaska fisherman regarding Palin.  I chose to publish this comment in a post in its entirety because it was a direct reponse to Kodiak Fishing Wife’s comment, which I also published in a post.

If anyone has comments to add, I may publish them in the comments section if they are respectful and considerate. I’ll consider most seriously those comments that have something to do with the candidates and commercial fishing.

In spite of all the fun, Palin’s connection to commercial fishing is the only reason I introduced national politics to this blog. (Doesn’t anyone want to hear about how George has resumed painting the boat, or how he drove the kids and me to my Jazzercise District Meeting last weekend? LOL.)

As my dad said last night (regarding the U.S. Presidential Race):  “Don’t worry, there are only two more months to go.”

While we’re counting down—I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that there is now only one month to go before the crew arrives and pre-season Dungeness crab gear work begins.


  1. Hi Jim!

    Thanks very much for leaving your comment. There was definitely a whirlwind of talk and activity when Palin first came on the national scene, even on this blog.

    I did enjoy your comment and I agree 100% about the hunting. It is not my cup of tea, either. I am all for open dialogue, so thanks again for taking the time to write!

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