November Issue of National Fisherman

We received the November issue of National Fisherman magazine in the mail a couple of days ago. I set it aside on the dining room table so that I could read the article headlined on the cover, “Alaska Perspective: The Importance of Sarah Palin,” a short article written by NF’s North Pacific bureau chief.

Also of interest inside this month’s issue was an anti-Palin letter from a Homer, Alaska resident and a short article on Pebble Mine.

After setting the magazine on the table, I proceeded to get distracted each time I went by intending to pick it up and read the articles. Sippy cups, milk spills, bits of toast on the floor, bills, and searching for a misplaced check (my own, actually, from teaching Jazzercise) kept distracting me from my mission.

By the time Eva and Vincent were settled in for their naps and George had found my check, I went to the table to get the magazine. It wasn’t there! I went into the family room. There it was—on the couch in the hands of George himself, who was just sitting down to read it. I explained the urgency of my mission and took the magazine from a protesting George.

Last week, I asked Jerry Fraser, the editor of National Fisherman, what he thought of Palin. I did not ask for or receive permission to re-print our correspondence here, but it was interesting and not completely out of line with the majority of what I’ve been hearing from the commercial fishing community.

In totally unrelated news, a few years ago I bought the most recent “greatest hits” album by country artist Tim McGraw. When I listened to it, however, I felt it was missing a lot of recent hits. I wondered where those particular hits were and why they weren’t on the album.

Today, I bought the newly-released “Tim McGraw Greatest Hits 3” album and am happy to report that all of the “missing hits” are on it, including my personal favorites “Unbroken” and the duet “Angry All The Time.”

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