“Salt in Our Blood–The Memoir of a Fisherman’s Wife”

I haven’t read Michele Longo Eder’s new memoir, Salt in Our Blood, just yet, but I look forward to buying a copy and giving it a read. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure you all knew it was out and ready to join your library of memoir and commercial fishing-related literature.

The author’s website is well done and informative. If you follow the links I’ve provided, you can read all about Eder (who is an attorney as well as a fisherman’s wife), the book, and how to order a copy. The Oregon Coast publishing company, Dancing Moon Press, has a website as well, from which you can order the book.

I can’t remember where I read this, but I am pretty sure Eder will be signing copies of Salt in Our Blood at 11 a.m. on Friday at Fish Expo.

Eder has an impressive personal and professional record. Although her time as a fisherman’s wife (since 1988) may be considered relatively short by some, her hands-on approach and immersion in the family business, in addition to her work as an attorney on high-profile legal cases, is admirable. She is a past board member of the mighty Newport Fishermen’s Wives and is involved with other groups that support families and children.

Salt in Our Blood has been favorably reviewed by National Fisherman magazine (December 2008), Seafood.com News, OregonLive.com, and Oregon Coast Today.

The review by John Sackton of Seafood News (September 2008) is the best I’ve read. I encourage you to read Sackton’s review, especially if you are familiar with the commercial fishing industry or the Dungeness crab fishery.

I’ve spent a lot of time on Eder’s website, but not without a lot of stops and starts. The fishery she writes about (Dungeness crab) in her book, combined with the picture on her website of the young and handsome son she lost in the at-sea disaster, all ring a little too near and dear.

I’m going to push past it, though, and give Eder’s memoir a well-deserved read.

I hope you will, too.


  1. Dear Jen

    Thank you for the kind and thoughtful comments about my book. I’d be interested in your reactions when you are finished reading it.

    I’m doing a benefit for the Newport Fishermen’s Wives, at the Newport , Oregon Library, on Wed December 10th. This group has been of such great support to so many families, including our own.

    Best regards, and good fishing,

    Michele Longo Eder

  2. Michele, what a nice surprise! Thank you for your comment.

    I’d planned to come meet you at Expo on Friday, but we ended up having to go to Expo on Thursday because of crab meetings out on the Coast Friday and Saturday.

    Newport Fishermen’s Wives is an amazing group. I met Ginny G. in 2001 when I wrote her Highliner story for NF. She was kind enough to send me a ton of literature at that time, which I’ve referenced time and again all these years later.

    You are all so lucky to have Newport Fishermen’s Wives there.

    Thanks again for your comment, and congratulations on the publication of your book! It’s such a huge undertaking on so many levels.

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