Summer, Next Time You Should Come Sooner and Stay Longer.

On my way to teach Jazzercise this morning, I was surprised to see that leaves from the trees lining the Boulevard had already turned orange and fallen. I was dismayed to observe the thick bunches in which they’d gathered alongside of the road. I don’t get out much and haven’t driven around a lot lately, so I’m not sure when this happened!

Fall has traditionally been my favorite season. I love to fill out my new calendar, pack away my capris in favor of jeans, and otherwise get ready to bunker in for the long winter. I love a wild storm and wait eagerly for the wind to pick up and the rain to pour. As we get closer to December I cross my fingers for snow and get agitated if it’s been in the forecast but doesn’t happen. I love the Arctic blasts that come through, especially the one from two years ago that lasted weeks and weeks. I will never forget that icy season as long as I live!

I also look forward to the start of Dungeness crab season gear work during the fall. I enjoy the energy surrounding the start of the season and the humor and stories the crew brings with them after they arrive to help paint buoys and rig pots for the upcoming season.

This year, though, I’m not quite as eager for it all to begin. I feel a little more tired, a little less energetic, and could use a few more weeks of sunshine. 

This pre-season apprehension could be due in part to the fact that it’s been a long week; both little ones have been sick for the second time in less than a month. When one-year-old Vincent’s cold started to take a nervewracking and all-too-familar turn, we brought out his tiny breathing mask and two different types of inhaler medicines to help ensure that the cold didn’t turn into a total disaster. So far, we’ve managed to hold it off.

It will all settle out, just as it always does. In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures from the last little bit of summer fun that we had!


They’re only this little once.

Uncle Kyle grilling salmon at the neighborhood barbecue.

Nobody puts more flair into babysitting than a Daddy.

Eva ate snacks, drank milk, dozed off, and sat happily buckled into the seat of this tractor for two whole days watching Daddy work. She came inside at night only to sleep.


  1. That is EXACTLY why I love Fall too!! Well said!!

    So funny about the tractor. My kids would live on our tractor if we let them. It must be soothing! :)

  2. i think that summer should be 4 months long. : ) because 2 1/2 months of summer vacation is not enough for kids. especially if you have summer school, there should be longer summers.

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