The Best Search Term EVER!

One of the things I’ve found most interesting since starting this blog is studying the statistics for Highliners and Homecomings. These statistics include a daily record that tells me how many people have found their way to this blog and what they were looking for when they found it.

When I log on to my “dashboard,” I can read an anonymous list of the specific things that people were searching for when they purposely, or inadvertently, stumbled upon this blog. (Again–just in case you’re wondering—no, I don’t know where or from whom the searches originate. They remain a mystery.)

For example. The following is a list that I copied directly from yesterday’s statistics page and pasted here. It shows specific items of interest that people were looking for just before they were directed to Highliners and Homecomings:


“dungeness crab fishing stories”

work on commercial fishing longliner

what is family life like to a commercial

dungeness crab season

pictures of f/v halibut longliners

spike walker

most deadly job and stats

halibut long line equipment


After I put Eva to bed tonight, I logged on and checked my stats. To my surprise and delight, I enjoyed a good laugh when I read the latest search term that lead someone to this blog. Here it is:


how to deal with a commercial fisherman


Oh, how I wish I knew the answer.

Does anyone?!  Let us know! 


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