The End of One Season, The Start of Another

We decided to kick off the Dungeness crab season, and put a welcome end to the political season, by throwing a small impromptu party here this weekend. Judging by the laughter, animated conversation, and lively debate that lasted until long after I went to bed, it was clear that everyone enjoyed a much-needed break and had a wonderful time.

My headache, which began on election night and lasted the week, has finally gone away.

Our group was small but mighty. In attendance were moms, sisters, husbands, dads, fishermen, one industry buyer, several McCain voters, one non-voter, a couple of Obama supporters, captains, crew, two dogs, and two small children. We had a wide range of concerns on our minds—house building and renovations, family, crab seasons, babies, business, bank accounts, investments, friends, exercise, work, colleagues, and politics.

A little laughter and camaraderie is good for everyone, no matter who you are or what your system of beliefs.

Onward and Upward!

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