The First Unofficial Day of Crab Season

At 7 a.m. George opened the front door, walked down the front steps and across the walk to the Ford flatbed. He fired up the diesel and drove off to the harbor and the boat, exactly as planned.

And so begins the unofficial first day of the 2008 Coast Dungeness crab season. Starting out with a little web locker cleanup, maybe some crab buoy painting, lunch at noon and a beer at home when the day’s over.

I’ll be a bit like a deer in headlights until I find wherever it is I put my “semi-solo mom routine.” (Not to be confused with the “entirely-solo mom routine,” which I’ll be looking for soon enough.)

Once I find the routine I settle in just fine, but it takes a while. The most important thing is to preserve energy and organize tasks according to what can get done when kids are up, what must wait until they go to sleep, what I should get to now and what can be put off longer.

Now, I know that this sort of planning is what moms all over the country do every day. But when your husband is a commercial fisherman, you are constantly switching gears, depending on whether your husband is:

  • Home and very available;
  • Home but not “really” home; or
  • Gone and entirely unavailable.

The frequent switching requires small adjustment periods. The trick is to take it as easy as you can until you find your rhythm again. Have some tea, move slow, play soothing music, take care of the little ones and maybe vacuum the floor (if it makes you feel better, which it does me).

When you start to find your rhythm again, you can add other things. Learn a new Jazzercise routine. Go to the grocery store. Plan some meals and actually make them.

Speaking of soothing music, I recommend the new James Taylor c.d., “Covers.” I found his renditions of the songs “Wichita Lineman” and “Seminole Wind” to be especially touching, and I’ve been listening and writing to the c.d. all weekend long.

Every couple of years I come across music that unleashes the writing muse in a special way and facilitates productivity and creativity (a couple of years ago it was Norah Jones and Eva Cassidy, another year it was Rachmaninoff). You just never know what kind or type of music it will be, or when it will cross your path.  

(Of course, in my car I’m listening to the brand new Toby Keith c.d., “That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy,” which I also recommend if you are a country or Toby Keith fan!)

All right. Time to go make that tea and do a little vacuuming.



It was a touch too dark this morning for good pictures of G getting into the flatbed and heading down to the harbor.



  1. I can’t believe the seasons starting up again! It seems like you were just gearing up for George to come home. I’d better come over sooner than later so it doesn’t take us another six hour catch up session. Love the Halloween pics too – Vincent’s looking like such a big guy. Hang in through the transition and I’ll talk to you soon!

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