For the Writing Mothers…and Others

Hello, writing mothers! In case you may have forgotten, the deadline for your Chicken Soup for the Soul Stay at Home Mom/Power Mom submission is September 1, 2008.

In other words, that’s next Monday!

Last May, I let the deadline for the A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers call for submissions slip by without submitting anything and regretted it. Although I was happy for my friend, Mommy Writes, who had her story accepted into the anthology, I was disappointed in myself who did not, for reasons I don’t even remember, submit a story.

I promised myself I’d sit down and make this next deadline. Although the Chicken Soup for the Soul series receives over 3000 submissions for each anthology they publish and one’s chances for acceptance are slim, I believe that the most important thing about writing is simply the act of writing. One has already succeeded if she has taken the time to sit down and write a story. Anything after that is a bonus. 

In other writing news, things are really heating up over at The Writer Mama blog! Christina Katz, author of The Writer Mama, is gearing up for the October release of her second book, Get Known Before the Book Deal.

From September 1st – September 30th, The Writer Mama will be giving away a book or writer gift every day. She already has over 30 books on tap to give away, including several from her publisher, Writer’s Digest.

Go over to The Writer Mama blog and scroll down the list to see what’s in store for lucky readers and writers. (And no, the books aren’t just for writer mamas. They are of interest to all writers!)

I know I’ll be heading over each day in September. See you there!


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