Writing Mothers: Deadline Extended!

I was making the round of my favorite sites the other night. That round includes, of course, The Writer Mama blog. I was pleased by one of The Writer Mama’s latest posts, as it contained great news for us writing mothers who didn’t quite make the April 1, 2008, deadline on the Cup of Comfort for New Mothers submission: 

The deadline has been extended to June 15, 2008!

That’s right: I said “us.” I didn’t make the original deadline, either.

The story was written in my mind, but…as will happen when you are the mother of a 2-year old, an 8-month old, have a husband home from sea, a young dog with cancer, and other deadlines to meet….the story got away from me.

(Did I already mention the excavator, the mini-excavator, the skid steer loader, and the dump truck in our driveway?  That’s right–the basement project has finally begun).

Let’s forget our guilt about missing the first deadline and give it another go on the extension. What do you say?

Here’s some extra information:

The bestselling Cup of Comfort book series is seeking submissions for the following volumes:

A Cup of Comfort for Military Families
Military Families submission deadline: April 15, 2008 (last call)

A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers
New Mothers submission deadline: June 15, 2008 (last call)

A Cup of Comfort for Adoptive Families
Adoptive Families submission deadline: June 15, 2008

A Cup of Comfort for Fathers
Fathers submission deadline: August 1, 2008

A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Special Needs
Special Needs Children submission deadline: September 15, 2008

Second Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers
Dog Lovers 2 submission deadline: December 15, 2008

A Cup of Comfort for the Grieving Heart
Grieving Hearts submission deadline: February 1, 2009

More at: http://www.cupofcomfort.com/share.htm


  1. Yay! I got one accepted for the Adoptive Families volume…. so that’s my second. My one in the Divorced Women’s volume comes out in December 2008. Have you submitted to others???

  2. Congratulations!

    Wow, that’s wonderful…two of them! You must be so excited. I didn’t end up submitting anything to Cup of Comfort (then regretted it when I learned that two people I know had their stories accepted to New Moms!), but did submit two recently to Chicken Soup…Pregnant Moms and Stay at Home Moms.

    I submitted early for one and on the deadline for the other, so I’m crossing my fingers as I wait to hear. :-)

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