Three Days Down, Two Months to Go…

This has been an exciting week around here.

First of all, thanks to everyone for coming by the blog to view the photographs and leave comments. During the first two days that the photos were posted, the blog had near-record numbers of hits. In fact, Highliners and Homecomings was just four views shy of beating its former viewing record (set last fall during the Sarah Palin/Commercial Fishing/Election discussions).

The day before George left, I received an e-mail with the exciting news that one of my recent personal essays, “True Blue,” had been selected for inclusion in an upcoming anthology (P.S. What I Didn’t Say) set for publication in the Fall of 2009. This was wonderful news and helped ease the sting of George’s departure.

I’m looking forward to working with Megan McMorris, the editor of the anthology. In addition to having been an editor at Fitness and Fit magazines, she has been published in an impressive number of publications (Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Runner’s World, Self, Shape, Real Simple, Parents, and The Writer, to name just a few) and is the author of four books.

When the boat first leaves, it takes a while to get back into my Solo Mom Routine. George was only home for about ten days in between the Dungeness crab and Halibut/Blackcod seasons, but the at-home to at-sea transition is the same no matter how long he’s been at home. I’ve been going through the last three days “remembering” the things that he’d helped me out with but that I now need to program myself back into doing.

“Oh yeah, it’s garbage day. I have to put the garbage out on the sidewalk and then remember to bring it back inside. Toby needs his meds ordered. Grocery store. Unload dishes. Pay those bills. Return that call. Lock the door. Lock the cars.” Once I get back into the routine, barring any unforeseen complications (ahem, all last season!) it will become normal again.

Thanks again for the views and the comments this past week. It couldn’t have been a better departure all around and it helped get everyone off to a great start.


  1. That’s why they married us…because we can “handle things”
    when they are gone…. :)

    I swear down here the cows wait until they see his truck leave, “Five, four, three, two, one…Ok let’s break the fence….”

    I distinctly remember one cell phone call to the boat, “If you don’t replace these fence lines, I’m getting divorce.”

    “Don’t threaten me…I have a fish on the line.” and he HUNG
    up on me.

    I won that round., the fences got rebuilt. I will repair fences, but not rebuild.

    I’ve always referred to the solo times as “Single Married Parenting.”

    Of course my baby is filling out the rest of his college apps this weekend…..

  2. Lori, your comments are so funny!

    You’re right, too. The second G went crabbing this year, the washing machine (only three years old) died. Then, the control panel in the new heated floor system went out. Next, I shut the child-proof magnet lock inside the pantry which prevented anyone, child or adult, from being able to access any food. It was all a little crazy!

    (I did a great job with the purchase of a new washing machine, though—even G was impressed with my selection and the fact that I went ahead and handled it myself!)

  3. I should send you my column on “Fish Laundry”. I write down here for a local, very local paper. Some day I’ll get picked up
    and paid . :) I have one word to say on broken wash machines, “SEARS!”


  4. I wish I could’ve been there for the farewells, maybe next year. I’m jealous of any extra time spent with the guys before they go.

    • I think that extra time helps ease me into the reality that they’re going and slows down the process a bit. By the time the boat actually leaves I feel more adjusted and ready!

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