Check Out the Cool Shirts!

This was one of the best Christmas holidays ever. I am so grateful for my immediate and extended family; they are such fun, thoughtful, and extremely amusing people. Christmas Eve at my parent’s could not have been improved upon, Christmas morning was full of surprises, and Christmas evening at my aunt and uncle’s was the perfect way to end it all.

I had to share this one thing. When I checked my Facebook account yesterday, I saw that my fellow fishing-wife-and-mother, Maria, had posted a picture of the shirt she got her husband. Here it is:

Maria's shirt for Corey

I couldn’t believe my eyes, because check out the shirt I got for George:

Jen's shirt for George

As Maria stated, great minds must think alike! :-)

Enjoy what’s left of the Christmas holiday. Have a great day-after-Christmas!


  1. Thanks, Maria! That is so very kind. It’s nice to know other gals who are encouraging and supportive about their family’s part in the industry. One tends to hear a lot of whining. I still can’t believe the shirt coincidence!

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