A New Header Picture and One Returned Envelope

I know everyone is curious about the new header picture on the blog and wondering whether it is a shot of my husband, George. In fact, it is not. It’s Kelli’s husband, Bryan!

I thought it would be fun to begin rotating photographs showing different scenes in the life of a fishing family operation in the header picture of Highliners and Homecomings. After all, I’ve had the same boat picture up for 17 months. It’s time for a change! (To be honest, I don’t like change and am not very good with it, but I think it will be fun.)

Also new on the blog is a Twitter addition. On the sidebar, beneath my Facebook profile, you will be able to read my Twitter updates. Twitter is like a micro-blog in which you can let everyone know what is going on in just 140 characters. Once the feature begins to work correctly, you should be able to read quick updates on the boat and our family as they come in.

Last but not least, the care package I sent to George in Seward was returned today. Apparently, it required .35 cents extra postage. Darn! I stuck another stamp on there and sent it back out. He should have his new pictures of the kids, Eva’s drawings, and a card from me waiting for him in Seward by the time he makes it back in about a week.


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