A Small Break in Between Fishing Seasons

I couldn’t believe it when I logged in to this blog and discovered that my last post was written almost two weeks ago!

George concluded the Dungeness crab season last week. The boat arrived into port one evening and then left again the next to unload the final delivery of crab.  After that, George and the crew all left to retrieve their trucks from Westport, then came home again. Once here for good, they unloaded the crab pots and put them away in the web locker. Next, they put the aluminum shack and tubs of longline gear on the boat for the upcoming halibut and blackcod season.

Just in case anyone was wondering—no, I didn’t receive a bouquet of flowers at my door on Valentine’s Day! I can’t blame George, though. With the stress of the crab season and a very sick little girl at home, I understand that flowers were probably the last thing on his mind.

My sister and brother-in-law came through, however. They surprised me by showing up after their own Valentine’s Day dinner with a brand new bottle of Middle Sister Rebel Red wine and a bag of chocolates. I love the label on the wine because it’s an image of three sisters that looks rather familiar—the sister in the middle wears sunglasses and holds up a glass of red wine. On one side of her is a sister with curly hair and on the other is a sister with straight hair. 

Since George got home, I thought I might have a little extra time for my hobbies, but that hasn’t happened just yet. “Who will do the taxes?” George asks when I request a couple of hours. “Who’s going to meet Larry down at the boat?”

It is true that George will only be here for about ten days before heading North for the next fishing season.  When you are the guy responsible for organizing the boat and gear, doing taxes, paying the mortgage and a ton of doctor’s bills, you probably don’t have a few hours to spare. At least I get some time off from cooking every meal, unloading all of the dishes, and running all the errands. I’ll take what I can get!


  1. The time off comes later when the kids are bigger. :)
    We are still running our gear down here in CA. If you can
    call this season “crab season”. It’s more like moving the gear season. But not every season can be a winner.

    • Hey, thanks for the comment! It made me smile. You’re right about not every season being a winner (in life or in fishing, really!) You can’t experience all the peaks without some valleys now and again…

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