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Well, this is interesting. It’s been almost two years since I started this blog, and I only just realized I had color options for font. This is good news. Now, I just wish I had options for the font itself.

There has not been much to report of late. We took our annual family vacation, which also included our wedding anniversary and my attendance at the Jazzercise Instructor District Meeting.

It has been three years exactly since I got certified to teach Jazzercise, and I’ve only grown to enjoy teaching more and more as the years have gone by.

This is not to say it has always gone perfectly; it most certainly has not. It is hard working with so many strong personalities, varying lifestyles and values, and management styles. I’ve been surprised on occasion how thoughtless people can be. I’ve also been appreciative of how understanding people can be.

Fortunately, none of these ups and downs has ever dampened my joy in teaching. I love the music, my JazzerFriends, and the customers I get to laugh and work out with every day.

I’m posting a picture from our vacation. This is George and our 2-year old son, VincentWhen I look at this photograph and see the joy on my little boy’s face as he runs alongside his daddy, it warms my heart and makes me smile myself. 

 (p.s. I hope all the colors didn’t give you a headache reading this post :-))


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