Big Day Today: An Article and a Website Launch!

It’s hard not to feel a little bummed this week; the holiday season is over, the snow has turned to pouring rain, and George is heading back to the boat at 5 a.m. Thursday to finish tying up loose ends before the first dump of the Dungeness crab pots on January 12.

I’m never one to let a dreary outlook affect me for more than a couple of hours, though. There are too many exciting things going on all the time!

For example, my mom called last night to tell me that the February 2009 issue of National Fisherman had arrived, and inside was my article in Dock Talk! It’s exciting and scary all at once when something you’ve written is now in black and white and in the hands of tens of thousands of readers. Even scarier when your own issue has not yet arrived, so you can’t get a look at it yourself!

Anyway, it’s in this spirit that I’ve decided today is the day to launch my new website. George gave it a final once-over last night and it passed inspection with him, so after I do one more glance through it myself, I think it’s a go.


Update: Here’s the link to the website. I was going to wait a little longer to post it, but I can see some of you have already found the site (judging by the site stats!). Thanks for going over to check it out! :-)


  1. Thanks, Janine and Steph! It was great to get your comments and good wishes.

    Today was def. a dreary day! I can’t believe the people who say they prefer this depressing weather to beautiful snowfall.

  2. That looks great! Best school photo you’ve ever had too! Now I just have to wait for someone to drop off the magazine!

  3. Ha ha about the school photo! That is what you call the professional headshot. I happen to have two others to choose from when we get bored of that one! :-)

  4. Congratulations on the website and the success of your blogs Jen. I am so happy to see that you are making time to work on these projects that I know are so fulfilling for you.

  5. Tish and Wendy, your comments made me tear up. Thank you for such nice words and for taking the time to write them. You’ve made more than just my day with your encouragement!

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