Dada on a Time Out?

I’m actually starting to wonder if Eva thinks that when “Dada” goes away, it’s because he’s taking one long “time out.”

For example, the other day she said “Dada cries on the boat.”

Now, I immediately assured her that Daddy most definitely does not cry on the boat (unless, perhaps, every last crab pot is coming up empty…then, I’m not so sure!). Eva has also mentioned several times that she would like to take a ride and see Dada, who she knows is “catching crab”.

Having grown up in this industry, I know how important it is on the part of the mom and dad to keep a cheerful disposition when the husband/father goes back to sea. And honestly, as much as George loves his family and being at home, he loves to go fishing almost as much! He packs his bag, bounds down the front steps and hops into the flatbed. It’s me who holds back tears as I gather the dogs and little ones to stand in the window and wave him off.

So, I’m not quite sure where Eva has gotten the idea that Daddy is on an extended time out.  I have a feeling Dada is pretty happy, especially if they’re catching crab!


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