Favorites of the Week

My friend, Kim, recently started a blog about her days parenting a baby and a toddler. It’s a fun blog, and it has a cool feature on the sidebar called “Favorites of the Week,” in which Kim compiles a weekly list of five things that stood out as interesting, fun, or important. I’ve always thought it was a bummer that my blog didn’t have that neat feature, because the list seemed fun to put together.

It occurred to me recently that I could simply make my own list and publish it once a week as a blog post.

So…here’s my first official posting for “Jen’s Favorites of the Week.”

  1. Snuggling with Eva on the couch for three hours this afternoon while Vincent took an especially long nap;
  2. Kenny Chesney’s most recent CD, “Lucky Old Sun”;
  3. The new Jazzercise instructor DVD R2-09 and all of the fun cardio and strength routines I get to teach;
  4. Hanging out with Steph and Ryan for a couple of days following their return from Hawaii;
  5. George coming home for dinner each evening after working on the boat.

That was fun. I may have to post lists more than once a week. There are plenty more “favorites” where those came from!


  1. i just purchased Kenny Chesney’s cd and love it as well. Finally figured it was ok to spend 9.99 on it! and thanks for having us on your favorites of the week. that was alot of fun hanging out! if we only we got the karuza kompound going. we could do it everyday!

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