Favorites of the Week

Here is the second installment of Jen’s Favorites of the Week (an idea borrowed from the blog of my friend, Kim):

My Favorites:

  1. The Facebook group Commercial Fishing Feeds the World! that I joined last week;
  2. Being asked to review the first 50 pages of a writer friend’s manuscript, which has already garnered the interest of agents and editors;
  3. Ryan Fest ’09 (aka the 33rd birthday party of my brother-in-law, Ryan);
  4. Spending a sunny Sunday afternoon with fishing industry families at a beautiful bayfront home;
  5. Finding a swimsuit that a mom can actually chase a 2-and 3-year-old around in all summer long while Dad is seining in SE Alaska.


  1. Ooooh…I’d love to hear more about the swimsuit!
    Since having kids, I’d pay just about anything for a real good suit! …And they’re hard to find!
    Congrats on that! 😀

    • Thanks, Heidi! I couldn’t believe it when I found it as it was just what I’d been looking for…functional! I found the outfit at Macy’s and for 50% off! I think the designers are getting the message that mothers need suits that are cute yet conservative and ready for kid-chasing. :-)

  2. I like the idea of the week’s fav’s. I hear that Ryan M. had a few things to say about the backward rep. at Ryan’s B-day.

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