Favorites of the Week!

Jen’s Favorites of the Week


1.  Jason Aldean’s CD (Wide Open). Every song, especially “Keep the Girl.” I really hope to see this guy in concert soon!

2.  Toby Keith’s CD (American Ride). Every song, including “If You’re Tryin’ You Ain’t.” A sample of the lyrics:

“Well if you’re trying’ you ain’t/There’s work to do son/If you can’t get up early/Baby you can’t get it done/Roll up your sleeves/Don’t tell me that you can’t/Make somethin’ somethin’/If you’re tryin’ you ain’t.”

3.  Sugarland’s Christmas album, Gold and Green. A favorite right now is “Nuttin’ for Christmas”.

4. National Novel Writing Month. After nearly a decade of picking away and a month of solid writing, I should have a manuscript to pitch at the Pacific NW Writer’s Conference this summer.

5. Pacific Marine Expo (a.k.a Fish Expo). We can’t wait to cruise the booths, say hi to new and old commercial fishing industry friends, and fill our plastic sponsor bags with pens, candy, frisbees, and stickers!


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