Happy Belated Birthday, Blog!

I know, it’s been a slow month for Highliners & Homecomings. Thanks for continuing to check in to see what’s new! George got his Dungeness crab gear work finished in record time this year, so we have gotten a bonus extra month together, for which I am incredibly grateful!

We had a princess party for our Eva’s 4th birthday last week, attended a fantastic Christmas party at the home of dear friends, and I also got to attend two different Jazzercise-related Christmas parties. All of this has made for a wonderful holiday season for the four of us, and it will go down as one of the most relaxing and enjoyable.

Of course, the holiday season isn’t over yet, but the path to Christmas is my favorite part.

In other news, Highliners & Homecomings celebrated its third second birthday back in November! In honor of the blog’s birthday, I decided it was time to try and attempt to make some changes. I recently purchased some upgrades, one of which is the CSS (Cascade Style Sheet), which will allow me to make visible changes to the layout and design.

You may have noticed that the background color is now green, the title of the blog is encased by a red double border, and I’ve changed the font style of the posts. CSS is not easy to learn; it is comprised of codes and programming, neither of which I have a natural talent for. It has been fun testing the waters, though, and I hope the book I’ve ordered on the subject will enable me to do much more.

Last but not least, you can now access this blog at the following web address:


Don’t worry; you can also still access it by the old address:


These changes are all just part of the upgrading process.

Anyway, thanks for all of your support and communication for the past three two years, and Happy Belated Birthday, Blog!


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