Happy Birthday, Vincent…and Thanks Again!

Some of you may remember the excitement that occurred last year about a day before Vincent’s first birthday. Vincent had gotten to one of the cordless phones around the house and held it up to his ear as any young toddler might do. Unfortunately for George and me, Vincent dialed 9-1-1 in the process. When I realized what Vincent had done, I quickly grabbed the phone and hung it up.

Well, good ole’ 9-1-1 called me right back. And I got the impression that they did not believe me when I said that “everything was fine” at the house.  When I hung up, I turned to George.

“You know they’re coming, right?”

“Probably so,” he grimly replied.

Yikes. Next, we had to suffer the humiliation of a cop appearing at our door, about which my conservative and law-abiding George was not pleased in the least (to put it mildly)!

Well, it appears that Vincent couldn’t let his second birthday pass by without some type of excitement, either.

I was only absent from the kitchen for about ten seconds this morning when I returned to find that Vincent had placed my checkbook and blue ballpoint pen inside the microwave to “cook”. I smelled something terrible. After a quick look around, I opened the microwave to find a blown-up blue WECU pen, a burned up Snoopy checkbook cover, a glass microwave plate shattered in pieces, and the whole thing covered in black soot…and still smoking. 

Two thoughts occurred to me: 

  1. Thank God this didn’t blow up in Vincent’s beautiful face, and;
  2. I guess the orange highlighter pen and cap I found melted the day before in the toaster should have been my warning.

Happy Second Birthday, Vincent. You are our second miracle and absolute blessing. We love you so incredibly much.

(And…thanks again! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next year…I think.)

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