Happy Father’s Day!

I keep waiting for a moment of quiet and opportunity to write a new post, but  it’s become clear that with very active almost-two-and-three-year olds in the house, that isn’t about to happen anytime soon. So, I just have to jump in here and say:

Happy Father’s Day


Happy First Day of Summer!


For the first time ever, I was actually able to buy George gifts for Father’s Day from  my own little savings account (from teaching Jazzercise and bits of writing/editing). I wiped out half of the account on a new stainless steel dishwasher for the household, as well as his-and-her iPhones for the two of us.

Our previous dishwasher, while only three years old, turned out to be a lemon. It would half-fall out of the cabinet whenever someone pulled out the bottom rack, and the top rack (which didn’t come out at all) could barely stay on its track even just sitting in place. I put up with that thing all through longline season but decided there was no way I was going through the salmon season with it!

As for the iPhones, it was just time to get current. It occurred to me recently that I never talk on my cell phone, and the minutes were getting wasted every month. However, I do a lot with the Internet (blogs, Twitter, Facebook) and thought I should transition into the type of phone that would allow me to do those things. Then, George surprised me by suggesting one day that he was thinking of upgrading to the iPhone, so it all worked out just in time for Father’s Day.

Over the weekend, I ran into another commercial fisherman who was shopping with his small children. He told me he was getting ready to take his boat South on Monday, while our boat plans to head out next Sunday. We’ve all had a great time off, but it’s definitely that time of year when all the fishermen-Daddies go back to work.

In the meantime, Happy Father’s Day, and here’s to a great start of summer for everyone!

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