Jen’s Favorites of the Week

My Favorites of the Week….


  • The most recent Indigo Girls CD, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug, especially the song, “Digging for Your Dreams”.


  • My new iPhone, worth every penny and more. I can read manuscripts, update Twitter, check blog stats, write e-mail, take and send pictures, and practice Jazzercise routines all on one little device, no matter where I am.


  • Our new backyard that George worked so hard on before leaving for the Southeast Alaska seine season. We’ve finally got lush green grass and a fully fenced yard for children, dogs, and mothers to enjoy.


  • My Story Circle Network writing circle, who so graciously understood my leave of absence for the summer so that I could focus on reviewing the manuscript of a writer friend (which has already garnered the interest of editors and agents!).


  • My kids. They did not come easily to George and me, and therefore they are truly blessings. I do not take them for granted, and I savor our singing in the car and our afternoon naps. I don’t wish this time away. Their little selves (2 and 3)  are so cheerfully and gladly my priority and joy.

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