Jen’s Favorites of the Week

The last couple of weeks were hit-and-miss. You all know that my two-year old, Vincent, caused a small fire in our microwave while cooking a checkbook and blue ballpoint pen. 

Then, my two-year old laptop computer crashed suddenly (two months after the extended warranty expired, of course).

And the gravest tragedy of all; the son and brother of longtime fishing family friends was murdered less than 24 hours after he returned home (for a temporary visit) from the fishing grounds of Northern Alaska.

I just attended the funeral of this man’s father last spring, along with my own dad and several commercial fishing captains and boat builders. I never imagined on that day, as I looked over at the two sons, that I’d be attending one of their own funerals just three months later.

To counter the sadness, here are my Favorite of the Week:

  1. Vincent’s 2nd Birthday Party;
  2. Going to work on a new story for National Fisherman magazine;
  3. My sister and brother-in-law (Steph and Ryan) celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary;
  4. George sounding happy each time he calls from Southeast Alaska (where the weather is 80 degrees and sunny!);
  5. Teaching Jazzercise in not one, but two positive and cheerful locations.

Love to all my family and friends. Here’s to the new month of August and to good and safe commercial fishing.


  1. woo hoo to your top 5 of the week! Vincents party was a great time, anniversary was fun and now its Georges birthday! Lots of stuff going on that first weekend of August!

  2. Nice top 5 for the beginning of Aug. Happy Birthday George, a little late. Vincent’s party was a hit. Here is my top 5 for Vincent’s party
    1. Vincent’s PJ’s
    2. The Clown
    3. The stop light cupcakes
    4. Bubble lawn mower
    5. Fredy’s out cold on the bed
    Thanks again for the fun

    • Thanks, Kim! And thanks for the great top 5 on Vincent’s party. I can’t stop laughing about “Here comes the clown!” and the good chuckle we all had over G’s comment via phone (“You’re the bright spot in all of this, hon.”) LOL! Love celebrating these events with you all!!

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