Upon finishing her pink-froggy plate of food tonight, my toddler said, “Good dinner, Jen.”

I’m not sure which I should be concerned about: the fact that my 3-year old daughter called me “Jen” with such ease, or the fact that she thought a Lean Cuisine herb roasted chicken qualified as a good dinner!

Ah, well. Daddy (the real chef) will be home on Monday! :-)


  1. Ha! I remember when we were trying to pin down a grandma name for my mom. We asked my daughter, then a toddler, “Who is that?,” assuming she’d use one of the two pet names that had been floating around. Without missing a beat, she said, “Jacquie.”

  2. Jenni, I’m so glad you got a kick out of that! I love your comments. Thanks for the one on the book, too! That anecdote about your daughter is so sweet. I’m amazed everyday just how much toddlers actually understand and verbalize! I had no idea.

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