The Best Weekend Ever!

It’s not often that a weekend comes along that can’t be improved upon in any way—but this weekend was one of those. It just keeps getting better, too. For example, I just received word that due to good weather and smooth sailing, George will arrive home tonight rather than tomorrow morning, as originally scheduled!

That’s the icing on the yummy chocolate cake that was my weekend with sunshine, family, and friends. We had a couple of parties, saw the usual suspects at the seafood festival on the Village Green (where the little ones got to go “fishing” and make crafts), and then we ate snacks and blended frozen drinks for the lot of us right here at home.

George and the crew will unload the final pounds of halibut and blackcod quota tomorrow morning, and I plan to be there to take pictures of the delivery to post on the blog a little later on. This weekend was a wonderful prelude to the homecoming of the boat and crew, and the week ahead is sure to be great as well. Can’t wait!

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